Professional and modern, whether you're an actor, model, entertainer, businessperson, or just want a great photo for social media, everyone needs a solid headshot these days.


Artistic and creative, whether for groups or individuals, portraits are a way of capturing expression and invoking emotion.


Have an event coming up; birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration? Let me help you record those memories for life!


$50/hr if you would like to shoot at my studio in Mesa.

$100 for the first hour on location within the Phoenix Metro area and $50/hr after.

Digital downloads included with all shoots.
$5 per photo if you would like retouches.


Seriously . . . Jacob Spinney is one of the most talented photographers I have had the pleasure to work with. In this day and age where everyone with a camera is a photographer, it is rare to find someone with natural talent and ability. His intuition with regard to lighting is impeccable, and he knows how to make photos come out just right. If you are looking for portraits, action shots, or anything in-between, Spinney Photography will not disappoint! We use him for everything, with no regrets!

Dabney Hopkins, The Kats Korner dancer/owner/teacher, smiles with his young baby, Alice, cuddling on his shoulder.
Dabney Hopkins Dancer/owner/teacher The Kats Korner

Jacob Spinney has done photo shoots for my businesses (Romantasy Cabaret & Studio VaVaVoom) on multiple occasions. He is punctual, has the needed supplies, materials and equipment, is professional and has shot from solo individuals to groups for me. He has worked indoors, in-studio and outdoors. He has a keen eye and we reach out to him regularly and will continue to do so.

Lucy Morals, Studio VaVaVoom and Romantasy Cabaret owner/director/producer/instructor, stands approvingly in front of her burlesque troupe.
Lucy Morals Director/producer/owner/instructor Romantasy Cabaret & VaVaVoom! Burlesque & Dance Collective

Jacob is extremely easy to work with and a pleasure to be around! We had music playing during the shoot and had a lot of fun. He’s open to ideas and gives easy to understand, simple guidance. The photos came out lovely and I can’t wait to work with him again!

Model holds her hands over her mouth trying to hide her face while laughing.
Rachel Borg Model/Dancer/Cosplayer

When I needed professional head shots, a friend referred me to Jacob, and I am glad they did. Jacob took the time to make sure each shot was perfect. He is very creative, and had great suggestions for some of the shots, but was also very open to my ideas. I was able to get dozens of usable photos for my marketing efforts. Very professional from start to finish.

Comedian, Kristofer Royer, expressing confident approachability in headshot.
Kristofer Royer Comedian


Jacob Spinney, owner of Spinney Photography, expresses confident approachability in headshot.

Hey there! My name's Jacob Spinney and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I came to photography in a very roundabout way. Performing magic tricks was one of the first major hobbies I fell in love with. That led to interning for James "The Amazing" Randi in Florida and being recruited as a consultant in Las Vegas for an upcoming tv show, Criss Angel Mindfreak. As my magic career was developing, swing dancing became my new obsession; lindy hop, charleston, balboa, shag. I've started winning and placing in the finals of local, state, and out-of state dance competitions. During all of this, I was constantly exposed to being at the end of a camera and somewhere along the line I realized that I kinda liked being on the other end of the lens just as much. Now, after a few years of photographic experience under my belt, here I am.

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Retouches Done
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How should I prepare before the shoot?

First, figure out the kind of looks you’re interested in going for. What are you planning on using the photos for; something professional or artistic? Business or casual? Classic film noir, hollywood pinup, or more of a modern look? What’s the overall emotion you want to be communicating? Go google image searching to see the kind of photos that are similar to the looks you’re interested in going for. Then, put yourself in front of a mirror and try to practice those poses. The more you practice, the easier and faster it will be to hammer out great shots.
Clothing-wise, bring a bunch of different outfits to choose from *that you are comfortable and confident in*. For headshots, I would recommend simple clothing.
For makeup, especially for modern headshots, less is more. Bring your makeup with you, but start the shoot with a natural minimal look and you can keep adding on more makeup if you like as the shoot progresses.
For guys, if you ever happen to let your facial hair grow out a bit, consider coming in with some scruff so we can take some shots with that look and then you can shave halfway through.
Most important of all, when you walk into the shoot, let go of all of the nitpicks you have and accept yourself for who you are. Most blemishes can be retouched, and the worst case scenario is that the photo never sees the light of day. Truly, 90% of nailing a great shot is getting into a positive, comfortable, confident, and approachable mindset.

Do you give any coaching during the shoot?

Absolutely! I love throwing out suggestions and fine tuning your poses to make great shots. It’s even more fun if we both work together in trying to think up different ideas that would achieve the looks we’re going for. After shooting a look, I’ll often have us take a moment to go over the photos we just shot on my laptop and we can both figure out what we can improve, if anything. My job isn’t just to adjust lights and dial in camera settings, it’s to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible so that we can work together and achieve the best results.

How long of a shoot should I ask for?

For headshots or portraits we could cover about two wardrobe changes within an hour. The fewer wardrobe changes per hour, the more background and lighting changes we can play with and the more we can fine tune everything and knock out some really great shots. If you’re in a group, I would recommend at least two hours and keep a third hour as an option.

How does the retouching process work?

After the shoot, I will upload all of the images we took, minus the occasional blink or flash misfire here and there, and provide you with a link to a password-protected image gallery on my site. You can then checkmark which photos you’d like to have retouched and submit your selections. I will get to work on retouching, and when I’m done, I will provide you with a link to a zipped folder which will contain all of your high quality retouched selections, as well as more web-friendly sized versions.

How large of a group can you photograph?

The backdrop of my studio is about 10 feet wide. So I can comfortably photograph a group of five or so. The higher it gets above that, the more we would need to consider finding a different location to shoot at.



Jacob Spinney

456 W Mclellan Rd
Mesa, AZ 85201